TMSGrid error: using arrow keys in empty grid.

When using the arrow keys when the grid is focused. (up down) to navigate, we get an list index out of bounds (-1) error if the grid is empty (empty dataset)

The grid is connected with livebindings to a clientdataset that is connected with my datasnap server.

the clientdataset has a removeteserver : DSProviderConnection1

and the sqlconnection has datasnap as driver

This error is not a single case, i can reproduce in test project, and it happens in all my forms.



We have investigated this here and have applied a fix for this, 
can you perhaps test your application by turning off persisted Columns 
by setting UseColumns to false ?

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thanks for the investigation. This means we cannot use / change the layout of the columns at design time?

Yes you can, the fix is related to UseColumns, I it was only to verify if the issue is solved when setting UseColumns to false.

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Scheldeman Pieter

Yes this fixes the problem.

Thank you for your feedback, the next update will address this issue.

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