TMSFMXGrid incorrect position of Filterdropdownlist

Steps to reproduce:

  • Drop a TMSFMXGrid on a form
  • Enable column filtering (Options.Filtering.Dropdown := True)
  • Fill the grid with random data but make sure you have a lot of columns so a horizontal scrollbar is visible

If you click on the dropdown button in the gridheader you see the filter right below the dropdown button (which is correct).
But if you now scroll the grid to the right (so the left columns get out of sight) and press the dropdown button, the dropdown list appears too far to the right.

In DoFixedCellDropDownButtonClick is a calculation of the position (pt).
At that point it doesn't account for "cellContainer.Position.X".
If you offset it with cellContainer.Position.X, the dropdownlist shows up on the correct position.

Could you please fix this?

We have investigated this here but can't reproduce this issue. The popup appears in the correct position. Are you using the latest version?

At the moment we have implemented a patch for this ourselves.
I will take a look at it again, after we migrated to Delphi 11 and all the latest versions of the components.

I sended a Video with my support request.

In the filtering grid demo:

  • Enable column filtering
  • Run it
  • Click on a column filter, close it.
  • Make your window smaller so a vertical scrollbar appears.
  • Scroll down with your vertocal scrollbar.
  • Click on a column filter, it appears on a weird position.


We have meanwhile fixed the issue and replied to your email.