TMSFMXCircularGauge with Style edit

Delphi 11 on Win10
Finally got around to test TMS FMX components.

Started with the CircularGauge, had a timer event to move the needles
That Worked fine. :+1:
So I started designing the Gauge, in Custom style edit.
But on compile I got an Error in AdvStyleIF.. Several Units was without FMX prefix.
I Added the prefix... and then there was a bunch of errors :frowning:
amongst these TWinControl and TColor...


Did you accidentally mix VCL & FMX?

I can see that the file AdvStyleIF Is located in .. TMS\TMS VCL UI Pack

But I have loaded a FMX project – so why is it loading a VCL libery, and how do I avoid that?

Please check the uses list for VCL specific units.