TMS Webserver on Linux / MACOS

(Sorry for this beginner question):

When I have developed a TMS Web Application or TMS WEB PWA,  I can run and test it on Windows with the TMS Webserver, that is automaticly started.

But, when I copy the created files to Linux (e.g. Localstorage.js, Localstorage.html and Main.html)  how can I test this on Linux or MAC? Is there also a TMS Webserver for Linux / MAC available? Or what I have to to, to run it? Or do I have to develop an own Webserver (I hope not)? A simple double-click on any of the hmtl-files does not work...

We include a debug webserver along with TMS WEB Core for use on Windows while developing from the Delphi IDE on Windows. 
This is a debug webserver, so it is light-weight and limited and its purpose is a debugging helper.
For deployment on Windows or Linux, it is expected that this is deployed on a full scale webserver like IIS or Apache. So, you can deploy the TMS WEB Core web application on an Apache webserver on Linux. Since a TMS WEB Core web client application is nothing more than HTML/JS/CSS files, it can be deployed with a standard web server as-is, there is nothing special to configure.

OK, I've installed the Apache server now, it was not so complicated as I thought.
asked for your light wight server, because you offer with TMSWeb for
some tasks so easy to handle solutions (e.g. access to webcamera), that
one could think to make a (local) TMSWeb-App instead an exe-prog (for
private users at home, not in a network and without necessarilly
connected to the internet). And in this case it would be fine to have a
small, easy to install "webserver", that can run the TMS Web App...

That's something we'll consider for future developments.

Note that this light-weight debug server is far from a full-fledged web server, so, particular use-cases might not be possible with it.