TMS Smart Setup UI upgrade / notification / button missing

Some improvements for Smart Setup UI. It does not display new version of package in "available" column when you select "installed" unlike when you select "all" packages.
Also, there is no upgrade notification, nor an "update" button. The update is only available from command line version.
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Sorry, I didn't understand what you mean here. Can you please elaborate?


Sorry if I misspoke. I have attached 2 screenshots. Between the two, the "available" column does not display the same thing. It would be more useful to display the available version in both cases.
A button for updating (selection/all) could be useful also when an update is available.


Thank you for the screenshot and the detailed information. We will try to improve that.

Implemented in version 1.0.24.

Thank you Wagner.
But there is still no button to update the selected package (or all packages with an update available).
A little tooltip to see the version summary like in "TMS Subscription Manager" would be nice.
I guess it's still under development. :grinning:
Thank you again for you work.

Just select the item(s) you want and click "Install".

It seemed to me that it was the "Uninstall" button that was activated. I can't check again now because I've done the updates manually (command line)

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1.0.25 released which enabled "Install" button in tmsgui for outdated products.