TMS Subscription Manager - option for upgrade all checked/installed

For subscribers with ALL-ACCESS, with the frequent updates of TMS software - it would be great to have an option to allow for ONE-CLICK upgrade of all currently installed packages.

At the moment, everytime I have to "manually" click-thru the uninstall and install process etc. As the new TMS Subscription Manager already have a record of the settings (path, OS options selected etc) - if you can automate the upgrade of ALL currently installed packages would be a great time saver.


It would require a silent uninstall/install option for any of the products managed by TMS Subscription Manager.
This is indeed something on our list that we really want to offer, just with now 65 products in TMS ALL-ACCESS, it is quite a lot of work. As soon as we can allocate time / resources, we will do this project though.