Thank you for the answers, but i still have problems using the components.

I am paying for support from April 26, 2018
You also have a payment from 13.03.2022.

I need these components in my work.
I also bought components TMS FNC Dashboard Pack, TMS FNC Cloud Pack, TMS FNC Blox, but I did not find customer interest
For web programming, I haven't even bought it, but customers aren't interested.
I would ask you to help me with these problems that I sent the link to


The ribbon/page control issue is solved. The rich editor issue is quite complex. We need additional resources. We'll investigate this here as soon as time permits.

Thanks Pieter,
I can't use the components until everything works for me.
It happens that something works in the previous version and the newer one does not.
Then I would have a serious problem in the programs I make.
RichEdit is a required component, you probably have some kind of plan.


We found the root cause for the issue which was a Lazarus specific issue related to recalculation. The next version of TMS FNC UI Pack will address this. I have sent an incremental source update for testing purposes as a private message. Please confirm this fixes the selection issue in Lazarus.

I made a change.
I tested it quickly and I think it was solved.
I also noticed that if the alignment is center or right, when going to the next row it always continues to align to the left.
Best regards,

This is by design. The default alignment is left.

Constantly going to the left alignment, independently which I continue.
I think if I go from the right alignment to the next row, the right alignment should remain.

But it seems to me that this component can now be used

I'll investigate this behavior with the responsible developer, thanks for the feedback.


The next update of TMS FNC UI Pack will include an improvement for the alignment. The alignment of the previous line will be respected when going to the next line.

Thanks Pieter,
that's great news