TMSFMXMemo: selecting words with different fonts

I have an app that plays back audio files and shows the lyrics, that are beeing selected when to be sung.
When the Memo has the font CourierNew, the selection behaves as intended, see video:
When using the font Arial the same selection code behaves strange, see video:
The selection is done using the params "SelStart" and "SelLength".
Am i doing something wrong?

TTMSFMXMemo only works with fixed width fonts. Courier New is a fixed width font, Arial is not unfortunately. Please use a fixed width font.

Hi Pieter,

does the TMSFNCMemo work the same?

Best regards,
Victor Stoian

TTMSFNCMemo is from a different breed. It's built up from scratch based on the Monaco editor (the one being used in Visual Studio Code). It has more features and is faster than TTMSFMXMemo. Feel free to check it out: TMS Software | Blog

I have installed the TMS FNC UI Pack trial.
Unfortunatelly the TMSFNCMemo is missing some very important properties to me = 'TopLine' and 'LinesPerPage', fact that renders the TMSFNCMemo useless to me ...

I'm very disappointed - the TMSFMX UI Pack has been discontinued, while the alternative you endorse TMSFNC UI Pack is not viable for me!

will there be a TMS FMX UI Pack version suited for the next Delphi version?

No, TMS FMX UI Pack is discontinued quite a significant amount of time ago, RAD Studio 11.3 will be the last version supported for TMS FMX UI Pack.

would it be posible to implement the 2 missing properties 'TopLine' and 'LinesPerPage' to the TMSFNCMemo, so that i can use it?

We'll investigate the possibilities, please do note that it's not recommended to use TTMSFNCMemo for that purpose. It might be more suitable to use TTMSFNCRichEditor instead.

please elaborate on why you don't recommend to use FNC Memo.
The FMX Memo worked perfectly fine for me, except for the fact that proportional fonts couldn't be used and now that it's beeing discontinued ...
Please add the 2 missing properties to the FNC Memo.