TMS Cryptography Pack install Linux

I cannot find the information on how to use/install the Cryptography Pack for Linux. Can somebody point me to that information?

TMS Cryptography Pack is designed for Delphi. Delphi runs only on Windows, hence, you cannot install TMS Cryptography Pack on Linux.

Hmm, in the Documentation PDF this can be found on page 3:

TMS Cryptography Pack supports following targets: Win32, Win64, Android32, Android64, OSX32, OSX64, iOS32, iOS64, (Linux with no guarantees).
In the TMS Cryptography Pack folder a folder named libLinux is present with the file libTMSCPlib.a is present.

So I assumed that there is a way to compile the non visual functionality for Linux.

I thought you referred to install on a Linux machine...

If you want to compile to a Linux application, make sure to use a Delphi version that can generate Linux applications and that the TMS Cryptography Pack and LibLinux folder are added to your IDE Linux library path.
Added the directories to the library path of my Webbroker Apache2 Module and now the compile went through.

My thinking was too complicated. I thought i would have to get the complete Cryptography Pack compiled for the Linux64 target.