TMS Cryptography Pack only works under 32 bit?

I would like to use the AES components for the first time, but found that they only work under 32 bit (Win10, Delphi 11.3, VCL Project).
When I create a new 64 bit project, I cannot select them and when I change a 32 bit project to 64 bit, the MiscObj and CryptBase units are missing.
The TMS CryptoDemo cannot be compiled under 64 bit also because of other units (e.g. tlsh).
Are the TMS Cryptography Pack components "outdated" and not being maintained or is there some other error?
If effectively only 32 bit is supported, is there an alternative from TMS?

Dear Roland,
TMSCP components run on all platforms except for OSX ARM 64 (coming soon) under VCL, FMX or in console mode.
You either have an installation or a configuration issue.