TMS Component Studio


TMS Component Studio purports the inclusion of the FMX UI pack but when I try to go to the product page it redirects me to the FNC UI pack. So my question is, what do I effectively get in TMS Component Studio? If it's FMX UI pack then I should definitely NOT be redirected to something that's not included... or am I missing something?

Thank you!

There's also the fact that including a discontinued product that is not marked as such in the full product page description for TMS Component Studio (see photo) is at the very least a questionable decision.

that should be changed (imo).Thus, I am not saying that you should include its replacement, rather just make more transparent what you're getting (if that's what you're getting or replace that with the correct one if you're instead getting the FNC one as part of the bundle).


Good point to make it more clear. We'll look into this.

Many users have projects where TMS FMX UI Pack components are used and we understand users cannot change this overnight to an equivalent FNC component. So, we did not want to take this away from users at this moment and leave more time for considering the move to the FNC equivalent.

That's what I thought, too, but then again, what is happening isn't very clear and the perception of value may be different in different cases.


Understood. We'll make corrections to avoid confusions.