Cloud FMX vs VCL


Sorry, my english is bad.

For several months I have a Windows application that connects to Twitter with the Cloud VCL ( components compiled with XE6 and works OK.
Now I want to do the same with Cloud FMX components. I have ver in XE8. Run the demo of Twitter with the same Key and Secret of VCL app and want to start the session this error message appears (happens both Windows and Android):

What can I be doing wrong ?, it is the demo app!

Can anybody help me?



We are not aware of any issues with TTMSFMXTwitter component or the TwitterDemo application.
It seems your link to the error message does not work. Can you please let me know what the exact error message is and how the error can be reproduced?
1) Open Twitter Demo
2) Target to iOS Simulator (for example)
3) Complete Key and Secret (taken from the VCL app to work well)
4) Run
5) Press Connect button, and this message appears in safari window:

Whoa there!
The request token for this page is invalid. It may have already been used, or expired because it is too old. 
Please go back to the site or application that sent you here and try agaian; it was probably jist a mistake.

Here the correct message link:

This error message usually indicates that the date/time settings on the device you are deploying the application to are not correct.
Can you please make sure the date/time settings are accurate and try again?

Date/time setting is fine.

This error ocurrs in Android, iOS and win32 targets

I have not been able to reproduce this issue on a target device with correct date/time settings.
Can you please provide the key and secret (by email: you are using so I can further investigate this?
Bart Holvoet2015-06-24 09:04:36


Thanks Bart!