TMS ASync use with Embarcadero C++ Builder 11.3 Community Edition

How can I use the TMS Async component I have just bought with C++ Builder 11.3 Community Edition?
Any tips or hints on installation will be gratefully received.

Regards to All,

Edward Jelonek

The command-line compiler is disabled in the community edition. Therefore, our installer cannot use this command line compiler to compile the packages and install.

You'll need the community edition of RAD studio , so you can open the package files from the IDE and perform the compile from the IDE.

This is a limitation set by Embarcadero that we cannot workaround.

Thank you for our help with this. However, I have today been searching the Embarcadero website and there does not appear to be a Community Edition of Rad Studio being advertised. I have contacted their sales department in the US to find if there is one and will report back as soon as I know.

I have received no reply from Embarcadero in the USA so I have to assume that for some reason they do not wish anyone using C++ Builder 11.3 CE to be able to install a third party serial comport component to use with their software latest version. For what reason I have no idea; no explanation is offered.

Poor Show, Embarcadero.