can´t install in C++ Builder 10

going to install:

"  For C++Builder 10.1 Berlin
  Support for Win32 VCL for C++Builder 10.1 Berlin Prof, Enterprise, Architect

  In the IDE, select File, Open
  browse for TMSCXE10.cbproj and TMSEXCXE10.cbproj
  From the project manager, right click on the TMSCXE10.cbproj and TMSEXCXE10.cbproj project and from the menu, choose
  Install VCL package
There are no TMSCxxx files.  Where I can get such files ?

* pointing me to "msbuild page" will not be enough.

The installer should do all this for you automatically. There is normally no need to go through a manual install.

Other than this, we do not deliver or include C++ specific packages. If for some reason, there is really a need for a manual install, the Delphi packages must be used and when you do not have the Delphi personality in the IDE, the only way to compile these packages is by using MSBUILD. C++Builder standalone does not offer another way.

ok, understood.

I've used TMS for the last 10 years and I'm upgrading IDE and components.

I have patches on some components, thus setup can´t help me.

By the way, the packages where buit with one command line using msbuild. Fine.

You could change install.txt to reflect this.

Thanks a lot for the very fast reply.

If there are component patches / improvements that could be generally useful, we'd love to hear about it as we could synchronize it here to save you from the merging troubles with every update.

It would be great.

Is there any specific channel to do this ?

You can contact us by email for this.