TMS Async install problem with Embarcadeero C++ Builder 11.3 Community Edition

I have just spent a second day re-installing C++ Builder 11.3 Community Edition in the hope that also re-installing TMS Async (which is a serial port) will not detect C++ Builder as being a trial or starter version in which case it tells me that it will not auto-install when I start the C++ Builder IDE. Well, it still does which means that a manual install is supposed to be necessary. I have not succeeded in doing this yet and I am unsure how to do it. This is a problem which has not occurred for me with previous versions of C++ Builder Community Edition and I don't see why it has to happen now so I am going to try to get some response from Embarcadero but without much hope because I believe they don't give support for the Community Edition. So I may not be able to communicate with them. If anyone can step me through the process of a manual install that would be gratefully received. I tried it yesterday but without success possibly because I was unsure which file was the one to install and also how to do it. Idiots guide probably needed here

have tried to open and compile the files as projects but receive the message 'The project can not be loaded because the required personality Delphi.Personality is not available' No other approach I have tried recognises the file endings of the specified files so is this indicating a problem with C++ Builder or am I approaching it the wrong way? If I have got it wrong somebody please prompt me....

TMS Async does not appear to be compatible with C++ Builder community Edition because of the above error message 'The project can not be loaded because the required personality Delphi.Personality is not available'. I have already installed the IDE twice so I think it is OK but therfore C++ Builder seems to be missing an important resource. Previous versions of C++ Builder have not given me this problem with previous versions of TMS Async. So what is the solution? I cannot find a way of communication with Embarcadero to tell them as they only offer support for their paid or trial versions. Has anyone else managed to install TMS Async in C++ Builder 11.3 ?

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