TMS Advanced ToolBar : TadvShape menu Flickering

Hello there,

When i create TMS Office 2007 application, and change TAdvShapeButton1.Appearance.Shape to bsOrb,
its flickering when i move mouse over it, showing white rectangle  around the circle on the menubar portion of the form. Tried both with Delphi Tokyo wizard and C++ Builder XE6 Manually.
Only difference between vanilla created by wizard form is  changed shape, it occurs on Windows 7 with Aero Olive.
Any clue how to prevent this ?
Kind regards

I have retested this here with our Office2007 ribbon demo but I cannot see an issue. Do you see this issue also in our demo or is it specific to your app and if so, what's different in your app from our demo?

Yes i used attached demo with delphi Tokyo,
(File->New->Other->TMS Forms->TMS Office 2007 Ribbon application)
 no changes at all except
TAdvShapeButton1.Appearance.Shape changed to bsOrb and compiled.
Effect is visible on attached images:

Same effect occurs when i add all elements by hand with C++ builder XE6 project.
Windows 7 Pro, Nvidia Geforce GTX 760 C++ BUilder XE6 Pro and Delphi Tokyo starter,
in Ribbon control ( TRibbon ) wchich i use currently doesn't flicker
att all. White rectangle shows for brief moments only, still preventing
me from deploy this to customers though.

Kind regards

Images for previous post:

Can you please compare with our test app where I do not see such issue.
You can download this test app from: