TIWMonthPlanner help


(i'm asking this here in the general section because i assume the Planner section is only for the "TMS Inraweb Planner" components)

i can't seem to find any help or documentation or an example in the demo on how to work with TIWMonthPlanner that came with the intraweb package.
pressing F! on the component result in an empty help page.
can you reffer me to some info please?

also have a problem getting the date of the current day that i clicked.
TIWMonthPlanner.Date rase an exception with the error : "Invalid argument to date encode" when i try a simple DateToStr, or DateTimeToStr.
thinking maybe it's because the format is different then a regular TDateTime, i tried to let a TIWDateLabel get the date, but the TIWDateLabel doesn't have a "TIWDateLabel.Date"(or something like that) property.

thank you for your help

Sorry, at this time, there is unfortunately not a developers guide for the TIWMonthPlanner.
Wrt the date property, we have been able to reproduce and fix this issue. Next update will address this.