some questions


i have some questions, mostly about the Planner :

1. it seems like the Planner (and maybe even also the other IW packages) have not been updated for a long time.
knowing that you have the new TMSWeb - are you still developing for IW ?

2. the Planner demo is very old, that it doesn't even have a UserSessionUnit in it, and it looks like it's for IW9...
i use IW14, how can i run the demo please?

3. is there a way to change the "theme" of the Planner, to look more modern please?

4. sorry if this is an easy question, i couldn't find the answer :
how can i change the Planner to show Day or Week or Month in runtime please?

Thank you !


1. We are still providing support and maintenance for the TMS IW products. However, there are no plans for new development on these products at this time.

2. There should be a subfolder available called "IW121". This contains the newest versions of the demos which are compatible with IntraWeb 14.

3. There are several properties available to manually configure the colors, font and borders of the planner. For an example, please have a look at the demo applications. 

4. You can use the Mode.PlannerType property to change the type at runtime.