TIWDBAsyncNavigator change TIWDBAdvWebGrid color


When i pres next or prior button on TIWDBAsyncNavigator grid changes color

from blue to white...when i press number (1,2,3...) on header of the grid, color is back..why ?

when i use normal iw navigator then it is ok


This is probably related to a difference in behavior between performing an asynchronous refresh (TIWDBAsyncNavigator) or a synchronous refresh (TIWDBNavigator) on the TIWDBAdvWebGrid.

I'm not sure what is going wrong though.
Can you please explain exactly what happens when you click the TIWDBAsyncNavigator?
Is it the background color of the grid that changes or the active row color?

Hello Bart,

this happens when i put TIWDBAdvWebGrid on form, change its stayle to Aqua (from Gallery),

when i start program grid is in blue gradient..when i press next on TIWDBAsyncNavigator

grids color change to white and remain white until I press some number of page (1,2,3..) in header...then it becomes blue again...

Can you please set the TIWDBAdvWebGrid.Color property to clNone after applying the Gallery template?

yes, it works now!

thank you for your time