Row BGColor don't change on asyncactiverowmove


I'm using an asyncactiverowmove in a db-aware grid and msmove property on mouse select. 
Initially when the form is charged the active row is showed with the predefined colour selection on the activerowcolor property = green and activerowfontcolor property = white. So the active row it shows is green/white and white/black for the rest. 
When i select another row the first row colour is green/black, wich isn't correct because that row it's no more selected. And this only happens for the first selection. It seems that it remembers the first table-status and colours and is not able to redraw for the changes. 
It wouldn't happen when it's non-asyncactiverowmove but it makes the page more slow. 

Is there a way that i can solve that in asynchronous  mode? 

Thanks you very much.


Thank you for notifying.
We'll have to investigate if this issue can be fixed in a future version.

As a workaround you can set ActiveRow to -1 for the initial rendering.
Excuse me, i can't find this property (activerow) on the TTIWDBAdvWebGrid component. 

Thank you very much.

You are correct, the ActiveRow property is only available in the non db-aware grid (TTIWAdvWebGrid).

Unfortunately you will have to set AsyncActiveRowMove to False until a fix is available.
Thank you, Are we going to be notified  when that bug Will be solved? 

If the issue can be resolved after investigation the fix will be included with the next release of the product. A note will be added to the version history, available from the specific product page on the website.