I have a TIWDatePicker control on a TIWRegion control (quite near the bottom). When I click the button to popup the calendar, only half is visible (the rest would be below the bottom of the region.

Is it possible to get the calendar popup to appear on top of the region? I've tried playing with all the ZIndex values of the datepicker and region, but no luck.


Did you try to increase the z-index of the region as well? In HTML, the Z-index of a HTML element is always limited by its parent element.

Yes, I've tried with the Z-Index of the date picker both higher and lower than the region it's on.

You can reproduce this by simply placing a region on a blank form, then a date picker on the region, and running the program. Clicking the calendar popup just causes scroll bars to appear on the region.


You can set the iWRegion.ClipRegion property to False to enable the TIWDatePicker popup to appear outside the IWRegion.

Hi Bart,

Thank you. Problem solved.