TIWDatePicker goes "under" other TIWDatePickers


i have a big form full of many edit's, comboboxes, a memo, and 13 TIWDatePickers (a bureaucratic governmental page...) .
the TIWDatePicker shows ok when it is opened "above" edits and other controls, but when i opened it near other TIWDatePickers, the opened part goes "under" them.

i tried "playing" with zindex, and also tried to "Bring to Front" them, but it didn't help

(sorry for my broken english)


Are there different parents for these different controls, if so, you might also need to increase the parent zindexes.

no, they all "sit" on the same region and this region is inside a main region in the form.
no frames there either

Is z-index of this region higher than z-index of main region?

If a problem persists and you use the latest version of the components, please contact us by email with some sample source project with which we can reproduce the problem here.

ok, the answer is really the z-index.
i "played" a little with it, and i had to make the topest one in the page, with the highest number (started with 1000...) and make each TIWDatePicker with a lower z-index number as i go lower and lower in the page.
some of the TIWDatePicker are near another one, so i had to give the one that needs to "hide" - the higher z-index number.
everything works fine now  :)
(i wrote all this in case others will encounter the same "problem")

thank you for you help Bruno