single quote in a TIWDatePicker


the TIWDatePicker doesn't show anything if i use a single quote ( ' ) in the days.
in my languagei can use 2 different ways to show the days of the week:
1. the full name ("Rishon", "Sheni" etc... which is like "Sunday", "Monday"...)
2. to us a single letter with a single quote as the day ( " 'א "  etc... which is like "Sun", "Mon" etc...)
so when ever i use the second option, the TIWDatePicker doesn't show anything when i click to open it.

i need to change it from full name-days, to single-letter-days, because  i need the TIWDatePicker to be as small as possible because it is a bureaucratic governmental page that is full of many controls.

btw, if i open a TIWDatePicker that is placed very low in the region, it shows a scroll bar, and thus changed the original design of the page.
is there a way to make the TIWDatePicker to open ABOVE the region that contains it?

many thanks for your kind help


I have not been able to reproduce this issue.
Actually you shouldn't be able to add text to the IWDatePicker control as it only accepts numeric characters and a delimiter.
Can you please provide a ready to run sample project that demonstrates the issue so I can further investigate this?

Can you please try setting the IWRegion.ClipRegion property to False?
This will make the IWDatePicker dropdown appear outside the region.

hi Bart,.

first i want to thank you for the ClipRegion property.
i didn't know it does that...  :)

when i talked about the days, i meant the "NameOfDays" property.
and i see now that it doesn't matter in what language i use, if i add a single qute to a day's name, the TIWDatePickerdoesn't open.
for example : if it's Sunday, it works fine, but if it's Sunday' (with a single quote) then it doesn't open.
btw, it happens also in the NameOfMonths property.
i thought maybe it's like in a delphi/pascal string so i added another single quote(''), and even a third one ('''), but it still didn't open.

tested it on Firefox 9, IE8, Chrome 22
all shows the same result

latest TMS pack
intraweb 12.2.8
and an updated Delphi XE2

thank you

This issue has now been fixed.
The update will be available with the next release of the TMS IW Component Pack.

sorry to say, but the problem is still there, in 5.2

if i change the "NameOfDays" property from Sunday, Monday etc, to A', B' (with a single-quote) etc, the problem is still that nothing happens when i try to open 
i need this change because it's one way to look at days in my language, and because i need to make the TIWDatePicker as small as possible, becaue of a big bureaucratic governmental page.


I have retested this here and can't see any issues with using a single quote in TIWDatePicker.NameOfDays. (see screenshot)

I used the following code the change the name of the days:


Can you please make sure the latest version of the TMS IW Component Pack has been correctly installed?
Can you check if the file TMSIWCal.pas has been updated? (Modified date = 18/10/2012)

hi bart,.

you are 100% right, and i'm sorry for the mess.
i forgot that i "played" with the Delphi's settings, including the search path, so it pointed to the older tms version...

sorry again, and thank you