TIWColorComboBox size and colors

i have 2 problems with TIWColorComboBox :
1. the TIWColorComboBox, doesn't show the colors in Firefox.
2. the size is always the same small size (in both IE and FF)

i tried to change the "UseSize", and "RenderSize" properties but nothing changed.
also tried to change the "Style" property to "stEnhanced" but nothing there too.

it changes the colors fine in IE 8, but doesn't change the colors in FF 10.
doesn't change it's size (width) in both IE8, and FF10.
didn't test on chrome yet.

tested also in a new clean project.

i use TMS ver 5.1.2
Delphi XE2 - U3
and intraweb 12.2.8



Both issues have now been fixed.
1. Font color and background color of the selected item are displayed correctly in non-IE browsers.
2. The control is displayed with the correct width
The update will be available with the next release of the TMS IW Component Pack.

thank you  :)