TIWCheckListBox & saving data to local drive

Good morning,

Windows 7 Pro / Delphi 2010 Enterprise / Intraweb Component Suite

1. I would like to save the contents of the TIWCheckListBox to the local client computer so that I can retrieve it more quickly (without having to go back to the server to get the data).  I don't have a problem getting the items, but cannot figure out how to write to the local client computer (like a cookie)

2. I would like to programmically check/uncheck the items in TIWCheckListBox.  I use the methods for checkall/uncheckall, but the check list box does not immediately refresh when I call those methods.  I have a check box with a caption "Select/Deselect All" and this is the code inside it's Change event:
    if Self.cbSelectDeselectAll.Checked then

Thank you in advance for your help.
Scott Gast, Texas, USA

For 1) you'd need to do this using Javascript.


For 2) try to call checklistbox.Invalidate;