Check list box hangs.

Place a check list box on a form. Load it with 600 lines of text. Run the application. The fom displays correctly. When you click an item, the Browser hangs with high CPU use and memory consumption. IE never returns. Firefox reports a script error in IWAjax.js after some time. Please advise a fix.


You're really reaching the limits of your browser here. Please realize this means you create 600 instances of checkboxes and Javascript needs to loop through these checkboxes to check / uncheck values. With interpreted Javascript this can indeed be slow with this high amount of checkboxes and given this speed is determined by the Javascript engine of the browser, we cannot do much about this.  

Perhaps it is just the slow engine but I suspected there may be a memory leak problem somewhere in the system as memory consumption climbs after ticking one box (using task manager). This seems unusual given all the boxes are displayed on the screen already. The 600 rows was really just to demonstrate the problem.

It has something to do with server communication too. Running the page without a connection to the server results in boxes ticking smoothly.

The performance of the IWCheckListBox control has been improved significantly. 

The update will be available with the next release of the TMS IntraWeb component pack.