TTIWCheckList - Check/Uncheck All

Good morning,

The drop down check list (TIWCheckList) does not show the caption for the "Check All / Uncheck All" item at the top of the list.  The actual checkbox is there (along with all of the items that I've added to the list) and it works to check/uncheck all of the items, but the caption is blank.
Also, is there a way to control the distance that the dropdown list drops?  The only way that I've been able to control how far it drops down is to place the component into a region.
Scott Gast
S2 Software, Ltd.
Texas, USA
Delphi 2010 / Intraweb 10 / TMS Intraweb Component Pack Pro Script Edition

Did you set CheckAllHelp = htLabel?

Wrt distance, the distance between edit control & list is fixed. The dropdown list always appears attached to the edit.

OK, thanks for the info Bruno!