TIWAdvWebGridExcelIO XLSExport


I am trying to use TIWAdvWebGridExcelIO1.XLSExport on a AdvWebGrid on my IntraWeb form.
Could someone pls. give me some tips as to how to use this. I cant find any documentation on how to use it or the properties/parameter possible.
So far I have added TIWAdvWebGridExcelIO1.XLSExport('File Name',WebApplication,'Sheet Name'); to a button and this brings forward a dialog box, giving me the possibility to save, open or cancel. So far so good. If I choose open I get an excel file with my data from the grid, also good.

But how can I make the excel formatting "look" like the grid formating I have, i.e. the headers to have background color like the grid and the column widths to be the same?

Would also be nice to know what other possibilities there are with the export, many thanks.