Hello Guys,

Do anyone now where I can read more on what is possible, and how, in this event.

I'm looking to control the result columns in Excel after an export. With no handling, each column is 64 pixels wide and I would like to change that, if possible, for each of the columns being exported.



Unfortunately it's currently not supported to change the column width when using TIWAdvWebGridExcelIO.

You might also want to consider using Flexcel to do this.
More information can be found on the Flexcel product page and if you have any further questions about Flexcel you can post those in the Flexcel forum.


Hi Bart,

I have just replied to the other thread regarding using Flexcel.

Looking at this and other questions and requests for updates I have and have had, it appears (at least to me) as if TMS have abandoned further development and upgrades of the IW component suite, I'm sorry if that is the case as I have just bought it and started using it less than one year ago.

Can you comment on that and if, what would you recommendations be ?

I am just about to finish an 8 months project and rewriting the application is not planned for the foreseeable future. But if the product I use is dying soon, I'll have to find another solution. So any help or hints are appreciated.


We keep maintaining and supporting IntraWeb components. We do not plan to add new features. New feature development for web application development goes into TMS WEB Core: https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/tmswebcore.asp