TAdvGridExcelExport vs TAdvGridExcelIO


When in my AdvStringGrid there is a cell with text value (123), if I use TAdvGridExcelExport (v.3.1) for export then Excel puts the value -123, if I use TAdvGridExcelIO then the value is a text value (123). Is there a benefit of using TAdvGridExcelExport over TAdvGridExcelIO?


Try to control the cell format to output this as string instead of as number with TAdvGridExcelExport.

The main difference between TAdvGridExcelExport and TAdvGridExcelIO is that TAdvGridExcelExport supports .XLSX and .XLS format while TAdvGridExcelIO only supports .XLS.

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Thank you for the reply, is it possible to provide some guidlines on how to do that

It is explained in the online doc
under "cell formats" and the use of the event OnExportCell