Grid.ExcelExport question

Hi all,

When exporting a grid to Excel, is there anyway of manipulating the resulting columns in Excel (especially width and format) ?

On the browser screen I set the column width to allow for as much to be visible as possible, but take into consideration the total width of the grid. In excel this is not as important.

Also, It appears in a way as if the width and format of the grid columns are exported as well, and if that is the case, how would it be possible to change them for the export only ?



Please note that you can use the TIWAdvWebGridExcelIO.Options properties to manage column and cell formatting.
I can see from the Features Demo that it is possible to set the formatting, but how can I set column width and is it possible to change the cell contents as part of it as well. E.g.: the data in a cell could contain characters, not recognized by Excel, so I will want to "clean" the data before Excel gets them.
Is there anyway I can read about these options. I suppose the VCL AdvGrid has a similar Export function. Could I learn something from that description (if it exists) ?

Unfortunately it's currently not supported to set the column width or change cell contents (apart from the Format) when exporting to XLS.

We'll have to investigate if these features can be added in a future version.