Another note about AdvMessageDlg. (IW ... latest IW TMS)

If you have a form with regions that are aligned to the top (for example) ... absolute positioning... when a dialog displays there are a few 'effects':

1) the 'wrapper' is not positioned under the dialog... so dragging snaps to new position but then works.
2) the 'overlay' does not cover whole view port... only the available space not covered by the region...
3) the scroll bars for the browser appear because the overlay is positioned down from the top (but the same size).

I can send an example but it's very simple to create this test on your end.

Looks like the positioning of the dialog's elements is being affected by the other elements being generated.

I know... I can make the regions not absolute positioned and use CSS to position them to the top or something like that but just thought I'd explain why I was seeing the overlay forcing the browser scroll bars to appear when a dialog was active.


i have the exact same problems too

i think i found a "workaround" for the overlay and scrollbars problem (number 2 and 3).
i added this line in the form's OnCreate :

that way, the dialog won't fit itself according to the control that sent it, but according to the whole form.
it works fine for me now, but i know there will be cases were it will not show as we want.

That doesn't seem to help me.  I've had to turn off the alignment of the header regions and handle that with CSS.  bit of a pain.  If Form Templates worked with TIWAdvMessageDialog then we could format headers that way but alas, that does not work.

 i see now that what i wrote works fine for me in Firefox 10+, but it doesn't show properly in IE8.

in IE8 i see the overlay fine, but the message itself moved to the right, when PositionType=ptAbsolute, and Position=pCentered.

if the PositionType=ptdefault, the IE go crazy.

didn't test it in chrome.


As the IWAdvMessageDialog control is automatically client-aligned at run-time this kind of configuration can indeed produce unexpected results.
Can you try to place the IWAdvMessageDialog control directly on the form together with a client-aligned IWRegion where all other required controls are placed in?

That's what I did.  There are a few regions along with the dialog control directly on the form.  If the regions are not client aligned top and then I use CSS to position them it works correctly but of course then these regions sizes, etc. are not managed by IW javascript, etc.

If form templates would just work it would solve most of the issues of course.

In any case, because of the existing problem with checklistbox/listbox, etc. and async timers I've had to suspend use of the dialog control an do my own dialogs which was surprisingly easy to get to work correctly.  Two IWRegions (one for overlay and one for content) and using CSS to get the shading, rounding, etc. effects and then an IWRegion with CSS to use alpha blend as a 'shade overlay' worked fine in FF, Chrome, IE8+ which is all I need.   Would have been simpler to just use the AdvMessageDlg but...