Question about TTIWAdvMessageDialog


is it possible to use TTIWAdvMessageDialog inside an IWRegion rendered by IWForm's LayoutManager w/ template?

It seems TTIWAdvMessageDialog.RenderAsync() is called twice while in IWForm's RenderAsyncComponents()?

I'm using IW XI + IW TMS 4.5.1.


Luca Garimberti

Using the TIWAdvMessageDialog with templates can have unexpected results as this is not fully supported.
Does this also happen with other controls or only with the TIWAdvMessageDialog control?


I havn't tried with other components yet but I actually found another point perhaps needing a fix.

Async click events are triggered twice on controls (IWButton,IWLink...) hosted by an IWRegion and shown by TIWAdvMessageDialog.

It seems to be due to the outer  DIV of  a TIWAdvMessageDialog instance which captures the click event when bubbling up from  inner controls.

Setting SubmitOnAsyncEvent :=FALSE solves the problem. However the property was not published but could be changed in component's source.

Setting the above prevents the instance to bound certain events (onclick, onkeypress..) to OnControlContentChange(); perhaps this is not really needed but is there another way to do that?

This time was on XE + IW XII + IWTMS 5.2.1



Thank you for your suggestion.
We'll have to investigate if this behavior can be improved in a future version of the TIWAdvMessageDialog.
As this is related to the way the IntraWeb framework handles async events and how the browser handles the DOM changes needed to display the ContentRegion of the TIWAdvMessageDialog which we have no control over this could require a non-trivial change to the TIWAdvMessageDialog control.