Example for IWAdvMessageDialog

Is there any documentation or examples for the new IWAdvMessageDialog component? 

I was able to get it working and experimented with some of the properties.  I ran into trouble using the ContentRegion property.  It did not display the IWRegion control assigned to it unless I clicked the detail button a couple of times.  However, it would only display once and then not show at all.

What properties are related to ContentRegion?

Please see the page in the features demo that was added that shows a region being used with the TIWAdvMessageDialog.


There is a major problem in using TIWAdvMessageDialog:

- When using the "Show" method (not "ShowAsync") IE8 will not show a region bound to "ContentRegion", so you
  should use "ShowAsync" - BUT:
- You may not use "ShowAsync" in a "normal" event (f.e. "IWButton1Click"), this may end in fatal errors, so you should
  only use "ShowAsync" in an Async event (f.e. "IWButton1AsyncClick" - BUT
- In an async event you CAN NOT modify the appearence of the Dialog! (The changes will not be visible!)

The new TIWAdvMessageDialog component is a very powerfull component but up to now "ShowAsync" can not be used, because in an async event the appearance may not be changed and "Show" can not be used with regions due to the IE8 fault!

Too bad, I hope TMS will soon get a solution on this.

We have released update v4.5.1.0 that should address this issue. Can you try with this update?

Dear Bruno,

I've made some tests with the new version 4.5.1 - first, there are improvements but the main problem with IE8 still remains! In my test program I placed 4 buttons with different colors:

"Test 1: AsyncClick - ShowAync"
"Test 2: AsyncClick - Show"
"Test 3: Click - ShowAsync"
"Test 4: Click - Show"

On the same form I placed a TMSAdvWebMessageDialog component, a IWRegion component and in this region a TMSAdvWebGrid component.

In every button event I set the following properties:

In the message dialog:
- "CaptionBGColorTo" to the color of the button
- "Caption" to the caption of the button
- "PositionTop" / "PositionLeft" to the buttons position
- CustomButtons to "Test x" (where x = test no.)

In the grid
- "TotalRows" and "RowCount" to the amount of the test no. , so "Test1" Button set them to 1
- In the last row / first column I wrote the buttons caption
- The previous rows are filled with "---"


Test 1 - AsyncClick - ShowAsync: Both in FF and IE the captions and buttons of the messagebox are displayed correct BUT the color will not change and the grid data is not updated

Test 2 - AsyncClick - Show: in FF same as Test1, in IE the messagebox is NOT shown and IE wont react on any event anymore!

Test 3 - Click -ShowAsync: in FF everything is shown as expected - IE will display the region for a short moment and then clear it immediately, so the grid is not displayed

Test 4 - Click - Show: same as test 3

RESULTS: The update of the text and button elements of the dialog will work in async events with ShowAsync, thats fine. The lack of color updates could be workarounded using different MessageDialog components for each appearence. The combination of AsyncClick event and show will disable the IE. Changes on regions bound to the dialog can only be made in an Non-Async event (ok, thats no problem) and the results are both the same using Show or ShowAsync - FF works fine, IE overrides the region (thats bad!).

As the "Show" method has either the same affect as the "ShowAsync" or will kill IE you should think about removing it and only use the "ShowAsync" method. If you can kill the IE bug, so that the region is drawn correctly in IE8 I will sent you a bottle of very good german whine !