TInspectorBar strange behavior in design time when VCL Styles are enabled

Hi! Still trying to make runtime created Inspector Panels look like the Inspector's TMSStyle or the Form's VCL style, as seen in TInspectorBar - Runtime created panels & VCL Styles . None of them seems to do the job for dynamic panels.

Now I've found a very strange behavior with the panels in design time.
When VCL Styles are active, everytime I change the From's Style, or change the StyleElemnts property, a new InspectorPanel is created, and 3 InspectorItems are added to my first panel.

Attached video: Inspector vs VCLStyles.wmv

Here I start with a blank form, with some VCL Styles enabled, then I add a TInspectorBar, customize the Panel caption, make it a psProperties panel, and then I start changing the Form's StyleName & StyleElements. See what happens to the InspectorBar.

I get the same behavior in another PC, and even changing the InspectorBar StyleElemnts property: A panel added, and 3 Items added to Panel[0] on every click.

Thanks for reporting. We applied a fix for this.