AdvDockPanel - Toolbar order & VCL Style

If a VCL Style is set for the app, the order of Toolbars on a DockPanel saved with Persistence is not correctly reloaded. The attached app should show the problem: the designed order of the 3 panels is Clip - Globe - Pin. When first run there is no INI file but even so the panels are created ordered Pin - Globe - Clip. If the panels are then dragged into Globe - Pin - Clip order and the app closed, the INI file will show the sections saved in that correct order. However when the app is reopened and the INI file is loaded, the created order is Pin - Clip - Globe. Each time the app is reopened the order flips. The initial re-ordering does occur if no VCL style is set but the incorrect load order and flipping does not .

In addition, (with or without VCL Style set) changing the width of the form causes the toolbar order to reverse on every MouseMove.
dockpanel (31.4 KB)

Do you use the latest version of the components as I couldn't reproduce this here so far.

AdvToolBar is version but I will check the main install....

re-installed VCLPack and still get it on my main PC, tried the EXE on a different PC and it all works fine there :crazy_face:

... Only obvious difference is the the problem shows on Win11 and not on Win10