TileList issue


You have troubles with the TileList component, I attached two videos, one in Android the other running on iOS, both with latest build and Delphi 11.2.



An access violation is typically something that happens when trying to access a variable that doesn't exist anymore or is nil. Can you reproduce this with a default application. Is there something that happens in the events OnLoadTile & OnUnloadTile?

I don't have any of those events programmed, but I do: ApplyStyleLookup, CustomizeTile and TileClick

On the video I just accidentally press the tile and move my finger, I even do not want to change page, that's why I asked on another thread how to disable the paging effect.

With the three events above do you consider the problem?

**ApplyStyleLookup event **
// Ocultamos la cabecera y pié de página
// Asignamos el color por default del menú
(KioskoProductos.Children[0] as TRectangle).Fill.Color := TAlphaColorRec.White;
(KioskoProductos.Children[0] as TRectangle).Fill.Kind := TBrushKind.None;


ATile.Shape.Fill.Color := TAlphaColorRec.White;

// Reproducimos sonido en caso

You don't check if children[0] is assigned and if it is actually a TRectangle. I would add this check. Additionally, I would also check if you remove the custom code you wrote if the problem is still reproducible

I added the suggested code, hovewer issue still reproducible

We are not able to reproduce this issue here, so please attach a simple example demonstrating the issue so we can investigate what is going wrong.