TIDEMemo : Change Codecompletion color of selected item


Does it possible to change the font color or/and background color of selected item in Codecompletion list ?

Black font on blue background is not easy to read.

In Delphi selected item is in reverted color (= white font text) :

TIDEMemo.AutoCompletion property has lots of properties to configure the colors of the different texts.


Yes but I haven't found which one is Selected Color and selected background color !?

In this case use SelColor and SelBkColor.

I'am sorry but in my version (7.30 / Wn32 VCL / Delphi 11.3) Selcolor and SelbkColor have no effect.

Values :

Result :

See full source in attachment.

TIDEMemo.zip (5,2 Ko)

Indeed, I see now that selection color is not configurable. But it's hard-coded to clWhite, so it stands out correctly here:

I don't understand. Complied in Win32 (debug or release) I have same problem on Windows 10, 11 and 2019.
Maybe an option in project *.dproj ?
In attachment full source with project.

TIDEMemo.zip (94,9 Ko)

Works fine here:

Maybe some configuration in your Windows?

I have tested it on 5 differents Windows :

  • Windows 10 Physical
  • Windows 10 VMWare
  • Windows 11 21H2 et 22H2
  • Windows 2019 - RDP seamless and not seamless (Not administrated by me)
  • Windows 2012 R2 (Not administrated by me)
    Result on 2012 R2 :

So I ask you the same question !?

Can you maybe send me in private the executable you have compiled there, so I try to run it here and see how it goes?

Your executable behaves as you reported in my machine.
So I can only guess you are using a different version of TMS Scripter than me.

Hello Wagner,

Like I have said I use a 7.30 version because the Version History only show a change for Delphi 12. Maybe other changes ? I don't use Delphi 12 for the moment so...

Ok I have updated to 7.31 and I confirm that something has changed in selected item color between 7.30 and 7.31 !

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