TIDEDialog: Pasting (Ctrl+V) Errors

I am using the TIDEDialog to run scripting projects. I am using C++.

I am simply using example from the manual.

TIDEProjectFile *NewUnit;
NewUnit = IDEEngine1->NewUnit(slBasic);

The IDEDialog opens and performs most functions I have tested. But if I use the Paste function (press the palette button, use Ctrl+v, or right-click and choose Paste) in Debug I receive Debugger Exception Notification... with message 'access violation at...'. If I run out of Debug, it does not raise exception, but does not paste anything either.

Is there something else I need to add to enable pasting?

Hello James,

sorry, but I don't see this problem. Can you please provide:
1. Exact version you are using
2. Exact code/steps you are using to create the sample project (if possible send the project to our e-mail, without any 3rd party units or any other unit that prevent us from compiling)
3. Exact steps to reproduce the problem.


Since Cutting and Copying did not have errors I assumed something was at fault. I closed all running C++ builders and shut down my computer over the weekend. After opening the project again, it is pasting without any access violations. Thanks for the quick response though.