Paste object doesn't work why?

I read Diagram Studio Manual, Page 34. 

There is tutorial to create TAction for common operation (Cut, Copy, Delete, Paste)

I can use Cut, the object on Diagram dissapear after I Cut and I also can Copy (Knowing Paste button start active after I press Copy), but when I Paste, it does nothing, no new object that I already Cut/Copy appear on the Diagram, do I missing something here?

Without actual code it's hard to guess. It's working here. Have you set the Diagram property of all actions? It's needed for them to work properly.

I already set Diagran name to all ActionList items, strange I can cut, copy, delete, but cannot Paste :(

I'm currenly using latest version of Diagram Studio (TMS Diagram Studio 4.3)

can you check whether it's bug or not?, because I just created new project with:
1. Diagram
2. Diagram Toolbar (to put obejct into diagram)
3. ActionList with Standard Action (Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete)
4. Four Buttons with Action

still I can Cut, Copy, Delete but cannot Paste.

Can you please send such project to us? We don't see such error here.

Sure here:

Fyi, I'm using Delphi XE3.

Your project runs just fine here, I can paste things. Can you try to isolate the problem? For example:

1. download the exe demo from TMS Diagram page and see if you can copy/paste
2. try to recompile the demo ("simple" project) with your code and see if you can copy/paste
3. try in another compiler (silly but, well...)
4. Confirm that you are using latest version.

I found the problem, currenly I'm now running Windows 8 and tried to copy compiled executable to my other laptop with Windows 7 and it works. Seems Windows 8 have problem with "Paste Operation".

Fyi I also try with another application and some are failed to Paste. Seems Windows 8 protecting clipboard for security reason.

Thank you for your support, I will ask Microsoft about this one

Just contacted Microsoft, they said it was minor bug of Windows 8 and fixed after Windows Update, so then I do the update, restart and the "Paste" problem dissaper :)