TFlexCelReport/TFlexCelPreviewer bug, does not render a bold text in the excel header.


I have a template ( .xlsx ) that has in design ( Microsoft excel 2016 ) a simple text in the header with the bold style in the font.

When I run the TFlexCelReport and show it with TFlexCelPreviewer, the text in the header is not shown with the bold style, but if I open the excel result of the run and I preview it in the Microsoft Excel application, I can see the header with the text bold style.

I think that it is a bug.

Thank you.

This does sound like a bug, but I can't say much without more information. Can you send me the file that shows as not bold in the preview but bold in Excel? Or a simple app to reproduce the issue?

If you run the demo project provided with the library : 20.CustomPreview ( CustomPreview.dpr ) and open the file FlexCelVCLNT\Demo\Delphi\Modules\20.Reports\10.Getting Started Reports\Getting Started Reports.template.xlsx, you can see that the custom preview does not bold the header text : "This sheet was printed by <#RealName>", however, Microsoft Excel does it.

I am using TMS FlexCel for VCL, FMX, version ( I think that is the lastest ) and Delphi 10.4.2.

I can't reproduce this here. If I open Getting Started Reports.template.xlsx indeed the text is not bold in the header, but in Excel it isn't bold either:

And that makes sense, because the text in that template isn't set to bold:

So I set the header to actual bold text, but now it shows in both Excel and FlexCel correctly:

Is there something I did wrong? Can you clarify me a little more how to reproduce it? Also can you post a screenshot of how Excel and FlexCel show the text? The text in that file isn't in bold, so Excel shouldn't show the text in bold. Maybe it is because some missing/corrupt font?

No, it is nothing wrong, sorry.

I have seen that the problem could be when there is a merge of tag value in the report, and the example that I have told you have confused me because I am daltonic and I cannot distinguish very well some dark tones, but I am sure that I note the difference between my report previewed with FlexCel and Microsoft Excel, I think that I will have to prepare you a demo trying to show you the problem.

Thank you.