Font Style not preserved in TextBox


I'm running 6.7.2 with XE6. I have a template that contains a text box. Within the text box, is a tag, and then some miscellaneous text below that. Both are in bold. After running it through TFlexcelReport, the tag gets expanded correctly but loses its bold attribute. The miscellaneous text has its bold attribute preserved.

Any ideas, please?


You are right, bold isn't preserved and it should. We have fixed it internally and it will be fixed in the next release.
If you want, email me at and I can send you a fixed copy on monday.


Thanks for that. Most of our templates are xls files (except where we have pivot tables and we use both xls and xlsx). On further testing, I have noticed that with an xls template going to an xlsx report, where I have more than one text box, for one the bolding on the tag does not work, and for another it does.

Further, if I save the same template as an xlsx file, and use it (to produce an xlsx report), the bolding seems to work for both. BUT, I get an excel message "We found a problem with some content in report name. Do you want to try to recover as much as we can". I say YES, and then get a link to an xml error as below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

<recoveryLog xmlns="">



Errors were detected in file 'C:\PALMTEMP\WholeSale Order Form - _AAA Items 1 - 300 160226_104235.xlsx'



<repairedRecord>Repaired Records: Drawing from /xl/drawings/drawing1.xml part (Drawing shape)





Disregard that last part about the excel error message. I was getting it for sure, and I had done all the usual - reboot, start afresh etc. But after mauling the xlsx template around some more to try to pinpoint the trigger for the problem, I can now no longer reproduce it - even if I put the xlsx template back (by manually editing it) into the form it was in when the error was occurring. So, I'll just put it down to an Excel self-inflicted wound and move on.