Problem with RTF stored in DB as BLOB

When I created the RTF, there was no problem. That was a long time ago. Now, as part of testing the application, I opened the text and re-saved it in the DB. I didn't touch the code. I hope the attached picture explains everything. Why is my showing text bold?

What exactly do you use?
Is this TAdvRichEditor with TDBAdvRIchEditorRTFIO or TDBAdvRichEditor?

TAdvRichEditor with TDBAdvRIchEditorRTFIO and + MyTable.Post;

TDBAdvRichEditor - There is a problem:
Project JasotSVB.exe raised exception class EReadError with message 'Invalid stream format'.

W10 + Delphi 11 patch 1
I'm testing the view now. I'm very confused about that. Bold text appears weird. At first view. I have two objects with assemblies. This applies to both. It has nothing to do with re-post.

I have text templates. There is not the slightest problem.

I don't know if I can make an example. I'll try it.

Please isolate and create a sample source project with which we can reproduce this so we can investigate.

I've already written here that I will try it.

Can I use TVirtualStringTree (Lischke) in the a sample source project?

Sorry, we do not have this installed here.
We use Delphi + TMS components only.

It took a long time. Managed to. It is a local DB. No server.
Select different Reports and different SectionReport to them.
Default report text - I didn't see an error.
Report texts - the same item is displayed differently.
It's FB 3.07. Libraries are not included
A (3.5 MB)

Report Text Default also displays incorrectly

I enclose what the printed texts look like.

We do not have fbembed installed on the test machine, it complains when opening the project.
We cannot just install here on every machine an myriad of different databases.
Can't this really not be isolated into a smaller project with a clientdataset?

There is no need to install anything. Just copy the fbclient.dll file to the directory as shown
Is attached.
2021 11 24 12 28 22 (628.8 KB)

I take the setting of paths in DB components as a matter of course.
That library needs to be added to the exe. I've written nonsense before.

I did a test. I did not find any legality there.

You've run my FB demo once, without installing a server.
Q: How can I repeat this error without a FireBird file?
I have the text displayed correctly. Table.Edit -> the whole text is bold.

I did the following:

  • Emptyed the ReportTextsDefault table
  • Disconnected TDBAdvRichEditorRTFIO
  • Replenished using TDBAdvRichEditor
  • Copied BLOBs from ReportTextsDefault to REPORTTEXTS
  • Disconnected TDBAdvRichEditorRTFIO
  • Deployed TDBAdvRichEditor

Everything seems to be working as it should

Shit. Now I'm really pissed. After the last repair / adjustment, I was looking forward to it. That everything is fine. Unless I have shown the print report now. The result is in the pictures. The texts were copied from Word.
Can you tidy it up or guide me exactly how to do it? I don't like it anymore, in this case, it's your eternal rebuff. We cannot start the local FB database. I don't believe you at all. And you've already done.
You have described both procedures in my reports. If you want something more, then it seems to me better to do it in person via email.
Otherwise I am very satisfied with yours.
Regards Hruška

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