GMaps compile error on android


I have a project who compile and run for a iOS Target. But if I compile the same project for Android I got the following error :

[DCC Fatal Error] SortForm.pas(16): F2051 Unit FMX.TMSWebGMapsWebKit was compiled with a different version of Androidapi.JNIBridge.TJavaGenericImport`2.GetJavaClass

Any help ?

Is this the trial version you're using?
If so, make sure to compile in debug mode and make sure you use XE5 update 2.

It's the trial version and I am compiling in debug mode using XE5 update 2.

your WebGMapsDemo for android does not have this error. but if I put the TTMSFMXWebGMaps component in my existing project I got the error if I compile it for android but if I compile for iOS it's ok.

Not sure what's specific in your project file that causes this.

Did you try to compare the project files?
DId you try to use our project file and just change the form in this project file?