Templates and reports?


I'm testing FlexCel trial version and I couldn't find any reference in the included documentation about the reporting engine. My main interest is in a cross platform library to create reports using an excel template file.

Doing some google searchs I found this guide from TMS dated on May, 2010

Flexcel Reports Designers Guide

Is the feature currently available?

Any help welcome ...

Alvaro Dalloz


Currently Reporting is available in FlexCel .NET or in FlexCel 3.8 (which doesn't support firemonkey, so it isn't crossplat).

Reports are coming back to FlexCel VCL/FM in 6.1, and they will be much more powerful than the reports in 3.8 (what the manual you linked was about). It will be at almost the same level as the reporting engine in .NET (without LINQ support of course).

The report engine is currently in beta an already working, but I still have to do a lot of testing an demos/docs, and sadly right now the priority is FlexCel 6 for .NET. Once that is released, next step will be reports for VCL 6.1, which as said, are mostly complete already. 


although version 6.1 of FlexCel VCL has released, I cannot find the documentation about the reporting engine ("Using Flexcel Reports - Concepts" and "Using Flexcel Reports - Designing Templates" are dead links). Is it not yet finished?


Indeed, sorry but we had to push it back a little more. this year we've been too busy just keeping up to date, in april with iOS support in Delphi, then with iOS and Android support in .NET (we released FlexCel 6 .NET less than a month ago), then with Android support for delphi. (which ended up being 6.1)

Reports (and the dll to use FlexCel from older delphi versions) are the next 2 things in my todo list. If nothing else comes along with more priority (like the android support in XE5) it should come next.

As said, they are mostly finished, and nobody more than me wants to see them out already. But there are still demos to write, docs, tests, and some bugs still to fix. Also I need to finish the new report designer too. I hope they will be coming soon, but I don't want to release them before they are ready.