Using Flexcel in Xamarin Studio

Is there any documentation or example of using Flexcel in a C# project in Xamarin Studio? I downloaded the Mono bits, referenced FlexCel.dll and FlexCelWinforms.dll in a Xamarin Studeio console project, and tried to open an Excel file in code. When I step through the code below the first statement takes about 10 seconds and the second statement appears to just hang. No error reported, but no progress to the next statement (not shown).

XlsFile xls = new XlsFile();
xls.Open(System.IO.Path.Combine(desktopPath, "test.xlsx"));


We've completely rewritten the crossplat support for FlexCel 6, which should be launching next week (fingers crossed...). It will be supplied as a Xamarin Package, so it will be simpler to use. All tests are already passing in iOS, I am working in Android in this very moment, and if all is well, it will be out next week.

So I personally think the best will be to wait for FlexCel 6 release. It will also come optimized for mobile devices, with about 1/2 memory usage and also speed improvements.

If you want to use the current build it should work too (I just got an email from a customer using it a minute ago), but I am not sure on what can be causing the hanging. It is probably some resource not being found. But as said, I'd rather use this time to finish v6 so we can release next week, so if you can wait a little, it will be the best I think.


Thanks for the prompt response. That works for me. I don't have any urgent need, just want to try using it in Xamarin Studio. I've used the Windows version for years and it has been nearly perfect for my use (the one very minor ding being conditional formatting not being retained on save--which may be supported by now for all I know).


Sadly xlsx conditional formatting won't make it to 6.0 even it if is at almost the top of the priority list, because we need to release it already with all the changes we have. There is very rare that a day passes without us adding or changing at least some lines on the codebase, so the changes accumulated during the last year are huge.

But well, after 6.0 is out, next thing in the priority list is xlsx conditional formats. It isn't too hard, we already fully support conditional formats in xls files (and the conditional format will even be evaluated when exporting to html or pdf too). But we've just never got the time to implement it in xlsx. As said, this is the next thing coming, since it is almost the only hting missing for a complete xlsx support. (the other thing missing is rendering xlsx charts to pdf or html, currently we only render xls charts, same as with xls conditional formats).