TFlexCelReport not found. Setup failed?

Rad Studio XE4 Update 1
Windows 7
FlexCel Studio latest version (registered)

Launched setup.exe as administrator. Full installation (XE4). No error occurred.

In the Tool Palette (Delphi and C++ Builder) I see only TFlexCelPreviewer and TFlexCelDocExport (FireMonkey). I expected to see at least TFlexCelReport and TXlsAdapter components...

Start>Programs>TMS FlexCel....>Documentations: the documents concerning flexcel reports are missing (dangling links) for instance "Using FlexCel Reports.."

Browsing the sources: no TFlexCelReport class.

searching "FlexCelReport" in the sources I got 11 hits in 5 files, mostly inside comments :
Core_ExcelAdapter.ExcelFile.pas (3 hits)
Core_FlxMsg.Resources.pas (5 hits)
Core_UFlexCelTrace.FlexCelError.pas (1 hit)
Core_UFlxMessages.FlxErr.pas (1 hit)
XlsAdapter_UXlsPageBreaks.TPageBreak.pas (1 hit)

I tried to run the installation process 3 times, the first time I installed the trial version (I thought that this was a limitation for the demo) and 2 times using the full registered version with sources. I got no luck.


FlexCelReport is not yet available in FlexCel 6. We've had a lot of delays and sadly I had some personal problems this year, but well, it is coming and it is currently scheduled for mid august, if everything goes well.

In the meantime, you can still use the old FlexCelReport from v3 with the v6 engine, so you get recalculation, encryption, xlsx support, etc. To use the v3 FlexCelReport, just install FlexCel 3.10 from our registered users page after installing FlexCel 6 (FleCel 3.10 is below FlexCel 6 download in the page). It will offer to install XlsxAdapter, accept it. Then replace all the TXlsAdapter in your forms/datamodules by TXlsxAdapters, and you'll have the reports running with the new v6 engine.

I've written more about it here:

Please note that the v6 FlexCelReport will be different from v3, and even when we will be providing a migration tool (which you can already find today in start menu->TMS FlexCel->Tools), soe manual adjustments might be required. For this reason FlexCelReports 3 with the v6 engine will be supported for a long time, so you can migrate at your own pace.

Hi Adrian, thanks for the prompt reply.
I wasn't aware of this, I just assumed that v6 included all the previous features. I downloaded v3 and now it's installing.
Still, It is a bit counterintuitive to install an old version on top of a new one.. :)
Thanks again for the support

After some testing I couldn't get FlexCel 6 to work in C++ Builder. I falled back to FlexCel 3 only which is working great!
Are you planning to add C++ Builder support for FlexCel 6?


What issues did you find when using FlexCel 6 in C++ builder? Any error messages?
 C++ Builder XE2 or newer is supported by FlexCel 6, and I know many customers are using it. Sometimes there are issues with C++ builder corrupting the AllLibs entry in the project, but that's the only thing I am aware that might happen.

Are you able to run the C++ demos in FlexCel 6?  (in start menu->tms flexcel)

Note that your installation seems fine, FlexCel 6 changed non visual components by classes, and the only components that should be installed are TFlexCelPreviewer and TFlexCelDocExport.

Glad to hear that C++ Builder is supported! I will give FlexCel 6 another try as soon as possible.
I got errors during linking and compiling (some hpp and libs were missing), I also had to fix the AllLibs entry. Maybe I messed up the Environment Variables when I tried to get FlexCel to work.
Now we are quite in a hurry with our project and I can't reinstall the library again to do some proper testing. Hopefully I will be able to upgrade in a couple of months.

Hi Adrian,

Is it still recommendet to use FlexCel 3 alongside with FlexCel 6.5 with the XlsxAdapter to use reporting or is the reporting coming along soon? In the second post of this thread you mentioned "it is coming and it is currently scheduled for mid august, if everything goes well.". As you've mentioned, there are changes and therefore I want to avoid putting to much effort in working with the 'old' V3 reporting...

Will the new reporting also support using Lists of Objects as the source of data or do I have to prepare my data to be contained in TDataSets to be used for reporting?



There have been some delays, but we are getting there... We are doing final tests in FlexCel 6 reporting, with luck it will be available next week. And yes, it will support using List<T>, TArray<T> and datasets as datasources. TMS Aurelius will be fully supported too.

Ok, I need to go back to finish the reports now :)