FlexCelReport is referred to extensively throughout the documentation provided eg 'FlexCelReports Developers Guide'  (for VCL)  yet I cannot figure out how to get started with it. I also cannot find any demos or sample code. I have no idea how to get started ..

What am I doing wrong ?



FlexCelReport is availabe in FlexCel 3, but not yet in VCL 5. If you have installed v3, then you should see the demos and docs. Sadly in v5 we are still rewriting them, and they will be available (along with demos and docs) in the coming months.


Ok, thanks Adrian - I'll keep a lookout for an update. In the meantime would you recommend that I go back to v3 or would it be best to wait for v5 to be released.


You don't need to go back to v3, you can keep both in parallel, and even use the v3 FlexCelReport with v5 (using the new TXlsxAdapter in 3.6), which will allow you to work in xlsx files with the v3 FlexCelReport.

But if you can wait, I would wait for v5 report engine to be ready, it will be much more powerful than the current report. (you can have for example conditionals like <#if(something);"a";"b")>, and much, much other things). 

FlexCelReports 3 reports will also need a conversion to work with FlexCelReports 5, but we will be providing an automatic converter. The main issue if you create reports in v3 is that you are way more limited, so you might have to work harder to get a report the way you want it. 

Ok, thanks for the help.