TDBPlanner.TDBPeriodSource strange behavior

We've already dealt with it. I managed to get the demo to a usable state.
Please switch between different views and return to Period. He is completely scattered.

Different data is shown in the sidebar! TimeLine or day names. TimeLine has nothing to do here. You will (42.1 KB)

I was sick, so I didn't deal with the topic. I'd like to work it out.
Please have you looked at an example?

We traced & solved this issue.
The next update will address this.

This is very good news from you, after a long lure. Well thank you.

Um, I downloaded the version from 22.04.2021. And it's not working properly.

Please define "not working properly"

The content of the TDBPeriodSource depends on the previous content. This is after TDBMultiMonth

The sample project and the program do not behave the same to me. I'm going to research it.
The main difference between them is that the sample project uses * .mdb and the program uses FB.
Both are displayed incorrectly

I generalized my solution = more complicated. So I automatically set all the properties. Even the ones you serve. I mixed in your craft.
After this discovery and cleaning, it already works OK.

I don't understand it at all. All other components work well.
I made an attempt: dbplDay.Display.DisplayEnd: = 0;
I always see a single line. But only at Period! I don't even write about the content of "Display / Sidebar".

Setting to 0 is before any other change. See advcbxViewsChange

Please isolate this and send a sample source project + steps to reproduce.

Planner (160.7 KB)
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I isolated the problem and I have no answer.

I always adjusted:

  • TDBxxSource.Active
  • DataSet on False.
    Now I've tested that everything is True and I use it:
  • DataSet.Refresh
  • TDBPlanner.Update
    This is displayed correctly for TDBPeriodSource. I didn't read anything about that in the manual.

Your project does not work.
First of all, I need to do a lot of effort to make it a project, I needed to remove dependencies on external components and then when I can finally compile this project, the EXE closes immediately after starting.
I can also not decipher what you really mean from the included screenshots when there is not any additional information, explaining what you see wrong.

I wrote above what the mistake was. It's okay now.