TDBPlanner - TDBMonthSource

I have a strange problem. I use 8 modes for Planner. Except Week and those that have Resource. Once started, everything works as it should. Only when I start the application and in Month mode I only see the first day.
To set the properties of the Planner, I use the same / single code for all Planners and their modes. Other than in the Annex. In my opinion, this eliminates an error in the code.
I have no idea where the mistake may be.

Balloons do not work for TDBPlannerMonthView. Set January there (29.2 KB)

There are things between heaven and earth ... It's working today. I can't think of rebooting the OS.

I'm really angry. It doesn't work for just one month. January 2021. And only when running the form. I can't figure out the reason.
I checked the dates in the DB. OK.
Everything else goes like butter. In addition to bubbles for TDBPlannerMonthView.

The situation is unpleasant for me. I need to work it out.
I'm sorry to bother you.

It must have something to do with parenting of the PlannerMonthView.
I could make this work all the time with:

procedure TfrmPlannerRole.FormShow(Sender: TObject);
  dbpmwMonth.Balloon.Enable := false;
  dbpmwMonth.Balloon.Enable := true;

Okay, it worked.
It also works in FormCreate.

What about that one month? The submitted project shows it nicely.
jstpnlProperyTop.ActivePateIndex = 0
advcbxViews.ActiveIndex = 3 (Mesiac)
Run the program. It's bad. Quit.
advcbxViews.ActiveIndex = any other
Run the program. OK
In the advcbxViews, select Mesiac. OK
It's (probably) the last thing. As for the user interface.

What exactly means "it's bad" ?
How am I supposed to know what you see bad? I started this app with the active page set to 0 and I could not see anything "bad"

A single day is displayed. He's supposed to be there for a whole month!

  1. It is already showing a single day at design time and it shows a single day irrespective of starting with active page 0 or another activate page!
  2. there is no ItemSource connected to this TDBPlanner and the only place where I see this being assigned is in procedure TRolePlanner.SetActiveDay; When I put a breakpoint there , this code is never triggered.

Well thank you. I'll check it out.

I do not understand that. My code is completely redesigned.

no ItemSource is connected to this TDBPlanner.

I do it programmatically and it's definitely right.

Now I have dbmnsrMonth ItemSource connected to TDBPlanner in designtime.
Everything is going as it should

I would like to know the cause of such behavior. I can't figure it out. I'll leave it at that.

If you want to do runtime assignment, do the sequence

  • assign ItemSource
  • activate Dataset

That's how it works. But for others, I don't have to activate the DataSet until after the assignment. I Can do this before and let the DataSet live.
I close the topic. Well thank you.